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L'indicatore della LAN wireless sul pannello del display anteriore lampeggia circa ogni secondo.

    Unless network setup is completed, the LAN network indicator on the front display panel will flash for 30 minutes after you turn the power on.

    To stop the indicator from flashing, perform the following procedure.

    • Perform network setup.

      NOTE: The flashing of the wireless LAN indicator can be stopped by performing wired LAN setup instead of wireless LAN setup. Wired LAN setup can be performed even if the LAN cable is not connected.

    • If you are using an Apple mobile device running iOS 8 or later, you can stop the indicator from flashing by performing the following procedure.
      1. Put the Apple mobile device close to the receiver.
      2. Open Wi-Fi settings on the Apple mobile device.
      3. Select the receiver displayed as New AirPlay Speaker and proceed with settings.
      4. Make sure the Apple mobile device and the receiver work on the same Wi-Fi configuration.

      NOTE: If setup fails, perform the factory reset to clear the network setting, and then start over the network setup. The security of the wireless connection is not ensured unless network setup is completed in the Settings display.

    You can also stop the indicator from flashing by performing the following procedure. However, the next time you turn the power on, the indicator will flash for 30 minutes.

    • Select the Screen mirroring function.
    • Connect a Bluetooth device to the receiver.