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cigni sul fiume in autunno
‘Autumn’ Photography Competition

Out of all the seasons, Autumn is perhaps the most alluring. The warm golden hour that bathes everything in sight is the perfect lighting opportunity for keen landscape photographers, while the crunchy, earthy foliage provides a captivating canvas. Outdoor portraits can look magnificent with the backdrop of crisp skies a stark contrast to the crimson floor of fallen leaves. And it’s this time of year when wildlife wander in the soft light, preparing themselves for winter as they rummage for food supplies.

Share your Autumn images through our Alpha Universe Instagram account and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes, including Sony’s latest and greatest gear. The contest entry will be valid from photos posted on Instagram between 18th September 2023 and 5th November 2023 and three winning images will be chosen by a panel of photographic experts.

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