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Software: PXW-FS5 : Binary Package V2.00 (Win+Mac)

12 maggio 2016
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Sony is offering a system software update for XDCAM Camcorder “PXW-FS5” and “PXW-FS5K”.

[Applicable model]

XDCAM Camcorder “PXW-FS5”, “PXW-FS5K”

[Applicable system software version]

Ver.1.11” or earlier.

 (Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.)

After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.2.00”.

[Contents of update] 

1.     The ND filter density can now be adjusted automatically.
2.     Shooting and recording in RAW mode is now supported. (“CBKZ-FS5RIF” (sold separately) is required)
3.     The zebra function has been enhanced, allowing you to select two types of setting. Also, the level settings can now be adjusted in 1% increments.
4.     You can now select the audio that is output in the headphones.
5.     You can now acquire and record position information when shooting using the GPS function. 

Scaricando i file in basso, l'utente accetta i nostri termini e condizioni
Elemento Dimensioni Informazioni aggiuntive  
Update_PXWFS5V200.exe 78,6 MB Binary Package V2.00 (Windows) Download
Update_PXWFS5V200.dmg 80,7 MB Binary Package V2.00 (Macintosh) Download
PXW-FS5_V200_Win_Mac_Procedure_manual.pdf 473 KB Software update Manual V2.00 Download
PXW-FS5_V110_manual.pdf 194 KB Manual V1.10 Download
PXW-FS5_V200_manual.pdf 6.18 MB Manual V2.00 Download