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Software: PXW-X200 : Network Function V2.32 + System V2.20

14 aprile 2016
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System V2.20 + Network Function V2.32

1.) Adding the USER menu.
2.) Adding the locking menu function.
3.) Supports the SDXC card by using optional MEAD-SD02 Media Adapter.
4.) Supports the SDXC card for recording the proxy.
5.) Adding the format to support 2 slot simultaneous recording.
6.) Adding the proxy recording function in network client mode.
7.) Adding the file transferring function in network client mode.
8.) Partial transfer of an original file recorded on this unit.
9.) Adding the status display of Wi-Fi remote control setting.

• You are required to update the camcorder software and the network function software. Update the camcorder software first, then update the network function software.
• When the camcorder software update is complete, “Version Upgrade/OK: Turn Power Off” appears. If you leave it as it is, the error message “E-31001” may appear. Since the update is complete, just turn the camcorder off and on.

Note: After downloading the softwares, decompress the ZIP files to generate 'PXW-X200_2.20_2981-SxS.f.bin' and 'WA_firmware_2.32_2021.f.bin'.

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Elemento Dimensioni Informazioni aggiuntive  
PXW-X200_2.20_ReleaseNote 212 KB Release Note Download
PXW-X200_2.20_2981-SxS 21.9 MB System Firmware Download
WA_firmware_2.32_2021 76.4 MB Network Function Firmware Download
System Version Update Manual 854 KB (CN, GB, ES, FR, DE, IT, JP) Download
Network Function Version Update Manual 437 KB (CN, GB, ES, FR, DE, IT, JP) Download