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Problemi durante la visualizzazione di contenuto rete domestica [home network]

    The reasons why it is not possible to display home network contents correctly [home network] can be various. Below are some of the most common with the related solution.

    TV fails to connect to any server - Photo, music or video files are not displayed


    • If you cannot view the contents of any device or files, you may need to perform a scan to locate the home network devices [home network] connected to the BRAVIA TV.

      Press HOME on the remote control> Go to Settings > Network Setup > Server Display Settings . Then on the remote control press Options and select Update list . When a home network server device is detected [home network], its icon is displayed in the TV Home menu and the files (photo, music or video) are available under the respective menu icon.
    • Execute "Server Diagnostics"

      Press HOME on the remote control> s elect Settings > Network > Home Network Setup > Server Diagnostics .
      At the end of the diagnostics, the list of relative results is displayed. The message provided may help solve the problem.
    • When using a PC as a server:
    • Check if the PC is turned on. Do not turn off the PC during access.
    • If security software is installed on the PC, make sure that connections from external devices are allowed. For more information, refer to the manual supplied with the security software.
    • In the event of instability, stop the server application and then restart it. If the server remains unstable, restart the PC.
    • Reduce the number of applications running on the PC: the server may be overloaded.
    • Reduce the amount of content: the server may be overloaded.


    The reproduction quality is unsatisfactory



    • If you want to stream multiple HD videos, we recommend using a network of at least 200 Mbps for better performance.
    • If Ethernet cables are used, Cat5 and Cat5 cables are recommended as they allow the network to reach higher speeds.

    It is not possible to play files that should instead be compatible


    • Even if you use supported formats, in some cases it may be impossible to play them back. For example, a file may have been converted before the transfer.
    • For models compatible with 3D format, it is not possible to view a 3D panoramic photo via a certified home network media server [home network].


    Why can't I see specific file and folder names?


    • File and folder names are supported in English only. Avoid strange characters. Try renaming a file and sharing it with the BRAVIA TV again.
    • For a home network certified media server [home network], the limit of files or folders accessible in a directory is 30,000. This limit includes unsupported files or folders.

    The home network certified server device [home network] is listed in the TV list, but files cannot be accessed.

    The BRAVIA TV or other home network devices [home network] may have lost connection with the router. Check the cables or connections. To check if the home network device [home network] is properly communicating with the TV, you can also perform a diagnostic check, as described earlier in this article.

    When using the Renderer function, music files cannot be played

    When using the Renderer function, some applications simultaneously display a photo file pre-installed on the PC while playing music. Depending on the pre-installed photo file, music playback may not be possible, but may become so by changing the photo file.

    If you still cannot find a solution to the problem, try the following troubleshooting procedures

    In case of home network problems, it is very unlikely that a TV repair will be necessary. Try the troubleshooting steps outlined in the following articles.

    What file types are supported for home network playback [home network] and USB?

    How do I set up a home network server to share photos, music and movies in all rooms?

    Ci possono essere diversi motivi per cui non è possibile visualizzare correttamente i contenuti tramite la rete domestica.
    NOTE:  On TV models other than Android TV ™, the home network is known as DLNA.