ATI Driver for Microsoft® Windows® XP

This driver update fixes following issues :

- Improved stability when resuming from Standby/Hibernation.

1. Download Instructions
1. Download the fileVCD_ATI_614106444a.exe, and save it to a download directory (ex. C:\Download\).
2. Go the download directory, and double-clickVCD_ATI_614106444a.exe.
3. A popup will appear : This will extract all C:\download\graphics driver update\\. Click OK to proceed.
4. A popup will appear : All files have been extracted successfully !
5. Click OK to finish.

2. Installation instructions
1. Close all other applications.

2. Open the Windows Explorer.

3. Go to following directory : C:\download\graphics driver update\\.

4. Double-click the filesetup.exe. This will start the installation of the new driver.

5. Click Next.

6. Click Yes to accept the License Agreement.

7. Click the buttonExpress : Recommended.

8. This will start the process. Please note that this might take a few minute. Once installation is done a screen will pop-up.

9. Select : Yes, I want to restart my computer now.

10. Click Finish.

Informazioni file

Nome del file

  • VCD_ATI_614106444a.exe

Struttura del file

  • 32 bit

Dimensioni file

  • 20.17 Mb

Data del rilascio

  • 21-71-2004