SoundFLOWVersion for Microsoft Windows XP

This update is to be installed only on VAIO VGC-M1 that is preinstalled with an Italian Windows XP operating system.

This update resolves the issue that a Flash error is displayed when you try to close the keyboard.

This update will also install the "SoundFLOW Screen Setting" which enables to change the clock, calendar and picture displayed with SoundFLOW.
Download and Installation

1. Download the file SOAOTH-00835802-UN.exe and save it to a download directory.

2. Close all running programs

3. Go to the download directory and double-click SOAOTH-00835802-UN.exe to start the installation.

4. The Installation Wizard appears, click Next

5. If the Locked File Detected dialog box is displayed, check the box "Don"t display this message again" and then click Ignore

6. Click Finish

7. Make sure" Yes, I want to restart my computer" is selected

8. Click Finish, the computer restarts

Informazioni file

Nome del file

  • SOAOTH-00835802-UN.exe

Struttura del file

  • 32 bit

Dimensioni file

  • 1.79 Mb

Data del rilascio

  • 27-10-2004