DVgate 2.1 patch installation procedure


This patch applies to the following models with Windows 2000 preinstalled:

  • PCG-F709K
  • PCG-Z600NEK
  • PCG-SR1K
  • Download instructions
    1. Log on to your VAIO as an administrator.
    2. Create a new folder to place the file downloaded from the web. Name it theDownloadfolder.
    3. Download theDVgate 2.1file from your models download section into theDownloadfolder
    4. When the download is complete, clickStart, point toPrograms, point toAccessoriesand then clickWindows Explorer.
    5. SelectDisplay, and then clickDetails. Check the size of the driver. If the size is the same as mentioned above, the download was performed successfully. If the size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and proceed with the download procedure once more.
    6. TheDVG_Patch.exefile you have downloaded is a self extracting file.
    7. In theWindows Explorerwindow, double-click theDVG_Patch.exe-WinZip Self-Extractordialogue box appears.
    8. Make sure that theDirectory to extracttext box showsC:\Download.
    9. Click OK - The file will be uncompressed in the specified folder.
  • Installation instructions

    The DVgate patch installation is done in two parts - In theDownloadfolder, you will see a new folder calledDVGate_Patchin which there are two folders:

    • Sony DV Shared Libraryupdate.
      1. Open theSony DV Shared Libraryfolder (in theDVgate_Patchfolder).
      2. Double-clickSetup.
      3. Click OK to remove the application.
      4. When a shared file is detected select the check box in front ofDon"t display this message again.
      5. ClickNo, clickFinishand restart your VAIO.
      6. Go to theSony DV Shared Libraryfolder.
      7. Double-clickSetup.
      8. ClickNextthree times and then clickFinish.
    • DVGateupdate.
      1. Open theDVGatefolder (in theDVgate_Patchfolder).
      2. Double-clickSetup.
      3. ClickNext.
      4. Restart your VAIO.

Informazioni file

Nome del file

  • DVgatPatch.exe

Struttura del file

  • 32 bit

Dimensioni file

  • 4.12 Mb

Data del rilascio

  • 71-52-2002