Click to DVD Upgrade Program2.1.02.07130

Fixed bugs
-When playing the burned DVD, the movie slightly stops at the boundary of movie clips.
-Sometimes frame drop occurs when capturing from DV-camcoder.
-If you open a saved project file and edit title text and settings, the title and movie clip disappear.
-When capturing from DV camcorder with 4ch (DCR-HC1000E) audio data, the audio plays faster than real.
-After capturing from DV camcoder, the captured movie clip does not playback properly when you try to play it on the Edit Movie window.

Applicable Model

Download and Installation Instructions

1.Download the fileCTDVD_210207130_XXX.zipand save it to a download directory.
2.Right-click and select Extract All...
3.Follow the on-screen instructions to extract to a folder (note this folder for reference)
4.Exit all programs
5.Make sure is installed on your computer before running this update.
6.Open the folder in which you have extracted
7.Double-lick SETUP
8.Click Next.
9.Wait while SETUP installs the new program.
10. Make sure "Yes, I want to restart my computer" is selected
11. Click Finish
12. The computer restarts and the installation is complete.

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  • 32 bit

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  • 70.13 Mb

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  • 99-83-2004