Bluetooth Driver Update version 2.040a (for Windows 2000 Pro)

This program updates Bluetooth driver on the VAIO notebooks listed below running Windows 2000 Pr0.
Note: Please update together with BlueSpace

Download Instructions

  1. Prepare a new folder in theC:\directory to place the file downloaded from the web - Name itDownloadfolder.
  2. Download theBTD_alps_2040a_2k.exefile and save it to theDownloadfolder.
  3. Open theDownloadfolder, and then double-click theBTD_alps_2040a_2k.exeto extract it.
  4. TheWinZip Self-Extractorprogram starts - ClickUnzip.
  5. The file is extracted to the new directoryC:\bluetooth_2040a_2k.
  6. ExitWinZip Self-Extractor.

Update Instructions

  1. Turn Bluetooth power on.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. Double-clickUniversal Serial Bus controllers.
  4. Double-clickUSB Bluetooth Driver (CSR)- ThePropertiesdialog box is displayed.
  5. Select theDrivertab and then clickUpdatedriver - TheHardware Update Wizardstarts.
  6. SelectDisplay a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver- ClickNext.
  7. ClickHave Diskand then browse to the directoryC:\bluetooth_2040a_2k\.
  8. ClickOpenand then click OK.
  9. ClickNexttwice.
  10. ClickFinishand then close theUSB Bluetooth Driver (CSR) Propertiesdialog box.
  11. ClickNowhen prompted to restart your VAIO.
  12. Turn Bluetooth power off.
  13. Restart the VAIO.

Informazioni file

Nome del file

  • BTD_2040a_2k.exe

Struttura del file

  • 32 bit

Dimensioni file

  • -

Data del rilascio

  • 15-10-2002