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Sony proudly introduces a new camera to its XCG Series of high-quality, high performance digital interface cameras: the new XCG-SX99E, a higher frame rate version of the XCG-SX97E dedicated to Security/ITS applications. The XCG camera series offers choice, flexibility, and high image quality options to match your specific inspection application requirements. By utilizing the features and benefits of the GigE Vision interface, the XCG Series expands the possibilities for factory automation and security applications, while also delivering the potential of significant cost savings.

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In addition to the 1st-XCG line up (XCG-5005E, U100E, SX97E and V60E), the XCG-SX99E employs the same sensor as the XCG-SX97E realizing high speed read-out. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) is one of the categories in huge Security market. In many cases, specific functions of Machine Vision camera are required for ITS. - Still Image acquisition by external trigger, - High resolution sensor - Broadband transmission I/F, - Sensor with IR sensitivity. The XCG-SX99E especially targets the ITS market and realizes high-speed readout by employing sensor with IR sensitivity to meet ITS market’s needs. The newly expanded XCG Series now consists of five models – the XCG-5005E, the XCG-U100E, the XCG-SX99E, the XCG-SX97E, and the XCG-V60E. Each camera varies in resolution and frame rate, and offers unique benefits that users have come to expect from Sony’s camera products. These cameras retain some of the same functionality found in Sony’s renowned XCD Series such as bulk trigger mode, sequential trigger mode, and a partial scanning function. In addition, the XCG-SX99E, XCG-SX97E, and XCG-5005E feature critical camera functions for security applications such as IR wavelength coverage (XCG-SX99E and XCG-SX97E) and ultra-high 5-megapixel resolution (XCG-5005E).