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The art of storytelling
at its purest

Photo: Vittorio Storaro, A.S.C., A.I.C

The F65 CineAlta camera is the ultimate expression of the digital cinematographer’s art. Optimised for motion picture and TV production, the flagship F65 captures uncompromising images with truly breathtaking colour, depth and detail.

Shot with the F65

You’ll discover even more emotion, more detail, more colour and wider dynamics in every frame.
That’s why the F65 is the choice of leading directors and cinematographers worldwide.

Discover the spectacular range of movies and TV shot on the F65

A camera without compromise

The F65 draws viewers deeper into your story, capturing images with unprecedented fidelity, colour and dynamic range that’s delivered all the way into post production. With the F65 you’ll see – and keep – a more accurate picture of reality that conventional cameras just can’t achieve.

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Incredible images from Full HD to 8K

It’s the secret of unparalleled emotion and story-telling power. With a resolution of 20 megapixels, the Super 35mm 8K CMOS sensor inside the F65 delivers unprecedented 8K/4K/QFHD/2K/HD images with extremely fine texture and low aliasing. Even if you’re post producing for delivery in 2K/HD, this extraordinary sensor provides gorgeous super-sampled images beyond the reach of ordinary HD cameras.

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Relied on by the world’s great image makers

The F65 CineAlta camera conveys the widest colour range with Sony’s S-Gamut, the highest recording precision with 16-bit linear RAW, and the strictest geometric integrity with a mechanical rotary shutter – all with the stunning detail of a 20 megapixel image sensor. No wonder the F65 has captured the hearts and minds of leading directors and DPs worldwide, realising truly astonishing moving images. Building on an exceptional track record in movies, commercials, music videos and episodic TV, the F65 is also a powerful 4K live production tool, offering S-Log3 greyscale encoding, high speed RAW recording up to 120 fps and 12-bit 4:4:4 High Definition.

“…when Woody called me this year asking me to be the cinematographer of his new film… I convinced him to record the film in digital, so we can begin our journey together in the digital world. It’s now time for the Sony F65!”

Three-time Academy Award winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro

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Protecting your investment

After-sales support, including warranty and bespoke tailored contracts from Sony

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The F65 CineAlta camera is the ultimate expression of the digital cinematographer’s art. Optimised for motion picture and TV production, the flagship F65 captures uncompromising images with truly breathtaking colour, depth and detail.

Go far beyond ordinary colour

Thanks to advanced dyes in the image colour filter array of the 20 megapixel Super 35mm CMOS sensor, Sony’s S-Gamut reproduces reds and greens that are literally beyond the reach of other cameras. Then we preserve every last nuance of colour with phenomenal 16-bit linear RAW recording. This encodes over 65,000 discrete shades of red, plus 65,000 blues and 65,000 greens, for more than 275,000,000,000,000 possible colours. When your next project demands the ultimate in colour fidelity, the F65 exactly matches your vision.

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Every instant’s clear at 120 frames per second

The F65 captures up to 60 fps at full resolution and up to 120 fps at 4K resolution. 5x super slow motion playback achieves jaw-dropping slow motion effects – from nail-biting sports and stunts to nature in delicious detail. Slow & Quick (S&Q) motion lets you to alter the narrative by speeding up or slowing down the action, choosing frame rates from 1 to 120 fps in 1 fps increments. In all modes, you’ll get mesmerising high-speed shots without any windowing, crop factor or change of effective focal length.

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16-bit RAW, the ultimate archive

RAW recording captures the full potential of the image sensor. The RAW file retains maximum resolution. Sixteen-bit linear recording equates to 65,536 shades of tonal gradation per channel, preserving the maximum in grayscale accuracy and dynamic range. The RAW image file reflects a minimum of in-camera processing: and it doesn’t ‘bake in’ any colour matrix, detail, knee, white clip or saturation adjustments. RAW maintains all the potential of the latent image, allowing its beauty to be revealed in post production. What’s more RAW recording preserves the integrity of your precious camera masters for archive; keeping images as vivid as the moment they were captured.

Latitude for greater expression

With 14+ stops of exposure latitude, the F65 delivers an impressively ‘fat negative’. Colourists are astounded by the way the camera sees into the shadows, while still letting you dig out sparkling highlight detail. And now you can preserve that astonishing latitude in post. If you’re shooting HD, the S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine mode packs maximum dynamic range into your HD signal, retaining the utmost flexibility in post. And if you’re shooting RAW, the S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine LUT is an excellent starting point for colour correction. With the F65 you’ll spend less time ‘getting into the ballpark’, leaving more time for finely-tuned creative expression.

Higher Emotions

High Dynamic Range (HDR) takes viewers’ engagement to the next level with brighter highlights, deeper blacks and richer colours. You’re all ready to shoot in HDR with the F65 – opening up exciting new creative possibilities for audiences to enjoy, today and tomorrow.

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I’d be really, really happy to shoot my next film on the F65 and probably will – in fact, definitely will.”

Amma Asante, Bafta award-winning director of Belle

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Specifiche tecniche

Attenzione: caratteristiche e specifiche possono variare a seconda del Paese.

Chiudi tuttoEspandi


Alimentazione Da 10,5 V a 17 V DC
Consumo Circa 65 W (con otturatore meccanico rotante in uso) (senza ottica, viewfinder e in modalità a 23.98PsF)
Temperatura di esercizio Da 0°C a 40°C
Da 32°F a 104°F
Temperatura di stoccaggio Da -20 a +60 °C
Da -4 °F a +140 °F
Peso 5 kg (6,5 kg con accessori)
11 lb (14 lb 5 oz con accessori)

Sezione telecamera

Sensore CMOS Super 35 mm con singolo chip
Rapporto di formato 17:9
Filtri integrati Trasparente, ND 0,9 (1/8ND), ND 1,2 (1/16ND), ND 1,5 (1/32ND), ND 1,8 (1/64ND)
Montaggio obiettivo o 54 mm PL mount
Distanza focale della flangia 52 mm (+/-0.04 mm regolabile con incrementi di 0,01 tramite sostituzione del distanziale)
Latitudine 14 stop
Registrazione Entro 0,02% (tutte le zone, senza obiettivo)
Distorsione Sotto il livello misurabile (senza ottica)


Ingresso DC Lemo a 8 pin (maschio) (x1), DC da 10,5 V a 17 V, DC da 20 V a 30 V
Uscita DC 12 V DC: a 11 pin (x1), max. 4 A
DC a 24 V: 3 pin (x1), max. 4 A
Viewfinder 20 pin (x1)
Ottica 12 pin (x1)
Uscita SDI BNC (x2), HD-SDI (4:2:2)
Uscita HD-Y BNC (x1), 75 Ω, 1,0 Vp-p
Ingresso genlock BNC (x1), 75 Ω, HD 3-level sync, 0,6 Vp-p
Remoto 8 pin (x1)
Ingresso/uscita esterno Lemo a 5 pin (femmina) (x1)
Ethernet RJ-45 (x1), 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Hot shoe per attacco ottica 4 pin (x2), conforme a ARRI LDS (Lens Data System) e Cooke /I Intelligent Electronic Lens System
USB Tipo A, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (x1)
"Memory Stick" (MS)/Scheda di memoria SD "Combo-connector (x1)
Supporto di "Memory Stick Duo", "Memory Stick PRO Duo"
Supporto di memory card SD e memory card SDHC fino a classe 10"

Accessori in dotazione

Accessori in dotazione Supporto per nastro (1)
Nastro con morsetto serrafilo (1)
Asta in carbonio, diametro 19 mm (1)
Viti +B3 x 5 (4)
Maniglia centrale (1)
Piastra di montaggio viewfinder (1)
Piastra di rialzo (1)
Connettore del cavo di alimentazione (LEMO a 8 pin) (1)
Manuale operativo su CD-ROM (1)
Guida operativa (1)


  • SCL-PK6/M


    CineAlta 4K PL mount lens pack x6 (metric)
  • SCL-PK6/F


    CineAlta 4K PL mount lens pack x6 (feet)
  • SCL-PK3/M


    CineAlta 4K PL mount lens pack x3 (metric)
  • SCL-PK3/F


    CineAlta 4K PL mount lens pack x3 (feet)
  • CBK-WA01


    Adattatore Wi-Fi per l'utilizzo con la soluzione di pianificazione dei metadati XMPilot
  • HDVF-C30WR


    Viewfinder a colori ad alta risoluzione da 2,7"
  • DVF-EL100


    Viewfinder digitale HD OLED da 0,7" a colori
  • DVF-L700


    Viewfinder LCD Full HD a colori da 7"
  • RM-B170


    Conveniente unità di controllo remoto portatile per telecamere da studio e camcorder Sony
  • SR-R4


    Registratore portatile con memoria SRMASTER per telecamera F65
  • SR-D1


    Unità di memoria compatta SRMASTER
  • SR-PC4


    Unità di trasferimento dati SRMASTER
  • PVM-741


    Monitor OLED TRIMASTER EL DA 7,4" con due ingressi 3G/HD/SD-SDI e funzioni avanzate.
  • Catalyst Browse

    Catalyst Browse

    Un potente strumento di gestione delle clip per le più recenti telecamere e deck di Sony.
  • Catalyst Prepare

    Catalyst Prepare

    Il percorso veloce, semplice e sicuro dalla telecamera alla post-produzione
  • SR-1TS55


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 1 TB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 5,5 Gbps
  • SR-512S55


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 512 GB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 5,5 Gbps
  • SR-256S55


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 256 GB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 5,5 Gbps
  • SR-1TS25


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 1 TB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 2,5 Gbps
  • SR-512S25


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 512 GB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 2,5 Gbps
  • SR-256S15


    Scheda SRMemory, capacità di 256 GB e velocità garantita di scrittura di 1,5 Gbps
  • ECM-678


    Microfono a condensatore electret shotgun

Prodotti correlati

  • Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor

    Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor

    Soluzione di workflow per produzioni Beyond 4K con F65
  • SZC-4002


    I contratti di licenza del software pay per use per unità processore di banda base offrono agli utenti maggiore...
  • HDVF-EL30


    Viewfinder Full HD OLED da 0,7" a colori con LCD secondario da 3,5"
  • HDVF-EL20


    Viewfinder HD OLED da 0,7" a colori
  • PWS-4500


    Unità di archiviazione AV multiporta HD/4K per rete IP
  • BVM-E250A


    Monitor di riferimento OLED TRIMASTER EL™ da 24,5" con ampio angolo di visione per applicazioni di massima impo...
  • BVM-F250A


    Monitor di riferimento OLED TRIMASTER EL™ da 24,5" con ampio angolo di visione
  • BVM-X300


    Monitor di riferimento OLED 4K TRIMASTER EL™ da 30"
  • PVM-X550


    Monitor di visione 4K OLED TRIMASTER EL™ high-end da 55"
  • PVM-X300


    Monitor LCD professionale da 30 pollici 4K TRIMASTER™
  • DWT-B01


    Trasmettitore da cintura per microfono wireless digitale
  • DWM-02


    Microfono wireless digitale con meccanismo di testina intercambiabile
  • DWR-S02D


    Ricevitore digitale wireless
  • DWA-01D


    Adattatore per ricevitore wireless digitale
  • ECM-88B


    Microfono a condensatore electret
  • ECM-77BC


    Microfono a condensatore electret a spilla omnidirezionale compatto
  • ECM-680S


    Microfono a condensatore electret shotgun stereo MS
  • ECM-678


    Microfono a condensatore electret shotgun
  • ECM-674


    Microfono a condensatore electret shotgun conveniente
  • ECM-673


    Microfono a condensatore electret shotgun compatto
  • MDR-7506


    Cuffie professionali stereo
  • MDR-7510


    Cuffie professionali da studio